Friday, May 14, 2010

Oaths and Toasts

As I've progressed through my military career there have been several things I have learned. Here is a couple of them.

In the 3706 BMTS (Basic Military Training Squadron) we learned and had to repeat on command the following:

Drill Sergeant: What's an 06 trainee?

Us: Sir, 06 trainees are
Highly Motivated,
Truly Dedicated,
Kill Crazy,
Air Force Recruits!

This was done several times throughout the day, and had to be at a volume that anyone within the confines of the base could here us. Funny the things you remember after 20 years.

The second is a toast that I learned many years ago, and as I close in on retirement it seems like it's fitting to share it now.

"I am an Air Force aviator, I will not drink.
But if I drink, I will not get drunk.
But if I get drunk, I will not fall down.
But if I fall down, I will fall face down,
so no one can see my wings."

Not sure where it came from, but I've known it for years now.

One other thing I've learned, and some people don't really seem to understand on a regular basis. Military members from every branch are trained to do one thing.

"Break things, and kill people."

That's it. While we can apply our training to other facets of life, but it all basically boils down to that.

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