Monday, May 31, 2010

Survival School - You Want Me To Go Where?

After we were put in the big boxes for resistance training and allowed to enjoy our accomadations for a little while I guess the guards got a little bored.

One comes and bangs on my door.


We were all assigned numbers when we got there, and I was 53. But at the moment in time I had forgotten that I was 53.

That was the last time I forgot I was 53.

I don't respond to his pounding and of course this makes him very happy.

He flings open the door to my big box and reaches in and drags me out. He explains to me the virtues of remembering that I am 53, and responding appropriately when called. The happened with much yelling, spitting, and shaking me around like a rag doll.

At the time I was 6'1" and 140 lbs, so shaking me around was pretty easy (more on that later).

He's dragging me through the big room with all the big boxes and yelling and shaking, and shaking and yelling. Eventually we get to another little building and it has a row of small boxes in it. By small I mean big enough for me to fit in, if I sat down, pulled my legs up to my chest, and ducked my head a little. Then I was able to enter the box with a little help from my newest friend in the camp. If you apply a boot to someone's hip area you can get them to slide pretty good on concrete.

Anyway I'm in this little box, and it's dark. Not too scary I guess, and least the shaking and the yelling have stopped, and it's actually pretty relaxing being there in the dark.

Then I notice that there was a little hole in the top of the box. And light was shining through this little hole, making a perfect little circle on the wall of the box, as long as you didn't get in the way. And in the middle of that perfect little circle someone had scratched in a little happy face. At that very moment that was the best thing I had ever seen. And it made me laugh. Not a little chuckle but a full on laugh.

That was when I found out how loud it must be for a fish when you tap on the tank. The guard came over and pounded on the top of my box a couple times.

"Shut it 53!!"

And I did.

Not sure how long I was in the little box, because once the initial humor wore off I realized I was pretty dang tired. So I slept.

When the door was opened I was leaning against sound asleep. So I roll out of the box, and bang my head on the concrete.

"Good God 53!! Get your butt up!! Get up now 53!!

I tried. But for some reason my legs had gone to sleep. I was pretty numb from the waist down. So I'm laying there flopping like a fish out of water, trying to stand up.

"53!! What the hell is wrong with you??! Get your butt up now!!"

It was at this moment that I found out that you can pick up a 140 lb person by their shoulder if you hold on tight enough.

The guy set my on my feet, which I still couldn't feel, but I was able to stay upright.

"Move 53!"

I start trying to move. I pick up one useless leg and take a step. It was at this moment that I realized that it wasn't going to hold me up. The "dead" foot hits the ground, the knee bends (I think still didn't really have feeling back yet) and I go face first in to the wall, then the concrete.

"53! You better be dead and not jacking with me!"

"ow, ow, ow, ow"

"53! Get up! Get up now and get moving!"


Eventually my legs woke up and I was able to get on my feet. I got to go back to my big box for a little while. All in all I got a nap, a scrape on my cheek, and a bump on my head. But man that little tiny happy face, made it all seem worth it.

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